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One of notable character traits of a successful small restaurant owner is the ability to easily solve problems. Problem-solving is a skill and most of the time comes with being open-minded.

Successful entrepreneurs are open-minded people and as such good optimists, critical thinkers and problem solvers. As a small restaurant owner, you need to be able to
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The chef’s cafeteria’s 50 seat room,”The meazzanine Room” features a temperature-controlled wine cellar, displays of more wine and a private atmosphere. A semi-private room, “Barbaresco” is available for meetings, birthdays and other occasions.

Restaurants picture
Restaurants picture
Our first restaurant in Brussels
The BeCentral resto

Somewhere over the rainbow

Way up High

And The dreams that you dream of

One in a lullaby

Outssiplou, the place to be
The Honkytonk

I feel your presence amongst us

You cannot hide in the darkness

Can you hear the rumble?

Can you hear the rumble that’s calling?

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For those with pure food indulgence in mind, come next door and sate your desires with our ever changing internationally and seasonally inspired small plates. We love food, lots of different food, just like you.


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